Kay Scheurer Steele

1/24/17: A year has passed since Malheur Refuge was seized by armed occupiers in Harney County, Oregon. In Grant County, efforts have been made to bring this anti-government movement to our community. We all know change is necessary; and vigilance is required to maintain our freedoms. However, “Anything taken to an extreme is its own undoing” – as stated by Paul Harvey, a popular conservative commentator. I believe this ideology, based on a limited interpretation of our Constitution is extreme. I believe the methods used to propagate it have been extreme. I say, don’t tell me your ideology. Tell me what policies you are pushing, where have they been tried, how did they work, who did they help? Get real, and we will solve problems – together.  

2/29/16: I have been profiled on anti-government , militia and sovereign citizens’ websites because I have spoken out against the armed occupation at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. An anonymous anti-BLM blogger claims to have research suggesting I am a contracted plant for the US Forest Service. She has it all wrong. I worked on wild land fires (110,000+ acres burned in my county in 2015) that were funded by the Dept. of Agriculture, USFS. That’s it! 

I am against outsiders – all outsiders, injecting themselves into local matters. If we re-elect a constitutional sheriff (which I do not think is the way to go, but I respect the democratic process) then it should be a local matter.  No one else’s voice belongs in Grant County, Oregon. It’s un-American to force agendas by intimidation or threat of violence.


Kay Steele - Malheur National Wildlife Refuge IMG_1183

Kay Scheurer Steele visiting petroglyphs on Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

I (Kay) am the other half of this photography work. I grew up in Minnesota where at an early age a young girl is easily captivated by the lonely call of a loon on a north woods lake. I think most people who knew me then thought I’d major in music in college. Nature won out,  and that led to studies in biology and a degree from the University of Notre Dame.


Joining Terry in 1997, my life sciences education complimented Terry’s passionate pursuit of photo subjects in the field. (I still love music, and Terry can sing pretty well, so he brought something special to me, too!)

Together, we are driven to produce quality wildlife photographs of an impressive breadth and depth. Most of my contributions have been the digital processing and managing of images, the development of this website and the fine art printing of our photos. With Terry’s encouragement, I am adding more photos to the Steele Galleries. My first solo efforts include the slideshows about the Wild Mustangs of Steens Mountain and Malheur in May – 2015.