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Common Garter Snake

This species exists in several subspecies. The photo here is of the Red-spotted Garter Snake found in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

This fine art print is hand signed by the photographer and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. (The protective copyright overlaid here is removed in the image printing process.)

NOTICE:  This photograph is protected by copyright laws. It is illegal to copy, download or print it for any purpose without written permission.

8" x 10"      Standard size print only:     $25 (Fits standard pre-cut mats 11" x 14")*
12" x 16"     Standard size print only:    $45  (Fits standard pre-cut mats 16" x 20")
14" x 18"     Standard size print only:    $75  (Fits standard pre-cut mats 18" x 24")
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Always check inside opening of pre-cut mats before purchasing, print must be bigger than opening.